Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bottoms Bonaza Party at Old Navy thanks to Crowdtap!

As many of you know I am a member of Crowdtap and have several postings for you guys to join to be part of a bigger picture. Back in late March early April I was one of a lucky handful choosen to host an Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza In Store Party! This allowed me to take 4 of my friends to Old Navy and sample all of their newest spring shoes and bottoms. Here is the best part: All 5 of us were able to take home our favorite pair of bottoms AND a new pair of shoes for FREE!

Before the big party we talked about it for weeks! We all researched online a preview of what we would hopefully be seeing instore, everything from colored denim to cute shoes in leopard print! You can go here to see the spring collection here ------> OLD NAVY SITE

I held our party on a Saturday morning. We all work full time and really needed some face time with each other and what better way of doing that than with a shopping trip! We all left our house very early in the am and left our kids sleeping at home with our husbands. We stopped for some liquid energy (aka coffee) and headed to the store for opening. I wanted to get in first thing to introduce myself to the manager on duty and before anyone went on breaks!

The manager was GREAT! He was so accepting of everything! He set us up with the dressing room attendant! We shopped and pick a bunch of stuff out to try then went in a all played dress up! It was so much fun! I saw one of my friends trying on skirts and I personally have never seen her in one! I saw one friend who is usually quiet and reserved, completely do a 360 and was having so much fun posing for pictures! The dressing room attendant was AWESOME! She even wanted to know all about Crowdtap!

We all tried on several outfits and settled on a few things we couldnt live with out! And have vowed to go back and buy the rest! I ended up with a new pair of jeans that I really needed and the dressing room attendant helped me tremendously in finding ones that were comfy and looked awesome from the front and of course the back! That lady waled her butt off for sure that morning constantly offering to get us a different size or a different color or even a different style of something to try on! I also got a pair of ballet flats that i myself have never even thought of buying but they are adorable and fashionable and have not come off my feet since!

 <------ MY PICKS  ----->

Below are my friends and their picks and some of what else was tried on!


We had an excellent time! Thanks so much to Old Navy and Crowdtap!
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