Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Things Still avail. For FREE!!


Don't miss out on these 5 things, get them while they are HOT and while they are still available!

 PROMO CODE IS:  KK Free Sample

If you are new to freebie-ville, freebing, getting things for free, here are a few of my tips:
1. I dont ever give my personal phone number, some sites you have to input it to get the sample, but I honestly use my old cell phone #. If you want them to call you then by all means please put in your number.
2. You will need another email set up if you dont want newsletters, junk mail, and spam sent to you non stop, I have a few set up actually and I check them often just in case a freebie requires you to verify your email in oreder to recieve them. I have NEVER personally had any viruses sent from a sample site that I requested a freebie, i know thats a concern of many.
3. If you come across something that is too good to be true, it probaly is. Or if requires you to fill out 50 surveys and join a program free for the first month etc etc etc. Its most likely a scam. You should NEVER have to pay anything for a freebie!
4. Lastly 99%percent of my posts on Eileens Clippings on Facebook I have applied for. If I have gotten the sample before I will always let you know via my mail call posting of the day or on the actual post, if i didnt apply for it it's because I can't use it and I dont know anyone personally than can either, but you may, so I still post it, and I try to verify that its legit.
5. HAVE fun there is so much free stuff out there, and free stuff pops up daily, so watch Eileens Clippings and start watching your mail box!!

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